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LTN Update 25/2/2021

The Francis Road Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) road restrictions

Whatever the benefits and inconveniences of the LTN schemes, Harrow Council through Greater London Authority and handed down by Westminster, have met with considerable controversy. It is an emotive subject but it is worthwhile mentioning that the government - with all parties in general agreement - is signed up to a green agenda aimed at improving our health, our air quality and our environment and working with many other countries in the world to reduce the impact of fossil fuel usage on the planet. That is the bigger picture. At a local level there is a need to take into account that views on this matter do differ widely and that compromise is needed. Harrow Council is not acting alone, the LTN scheme includes all London Boroughs.

The issue of the Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme (LTN) has moved to the public consultation phase. Residents will have received a leaflet asking for views on the Francis Road LTN. The document explains the reasons for the LTN and options for the next phase. Residents can make their views known on-line by completing a questionnaire at A paper copy can be requested by calling 020 8863 5611, following the prompts for calls about LTN’s. All responses to be received by the council by 21st March. The Greenhill Manor Residents Association committee asks that all residents make their views known and to take part in the consultation. The consultation results will form part of a formal review of of current LTN’s and presented at a special Traffic and Road safety Advisory Panel (TARSAP) meeting on 22nd April.

You can download a copy of the LTN Consultation.
Click on the icon.

Check your Download Folder to retrieve it.

Deadline is 21st March 2021

Fill the Consultation Document online.  Please choose Francis Road.

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Once you have sent the consultation form, please send us your comments. Thank you.

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LTN Update 22/2/2021

Our Road representative Sat Bains has sent this update:
She just spoke to a policeman and policewoman who were stuck at the LTN barrier on the wrong side of Francis Road a few mins ago, they had to run on foot to get to an emergency situation down Francis Road. She has asked them to write an email to their seniors about how badly this is affecting them.

Police car Stuck

LTN Update 19/2/2021

Our Road representative Sylvia has sent this update:
Following a meeting last night with the SNT, councillor Ali was in attendance and he confirmed that from the 22nd February 2021 to the 5th March 2021 Harrow Council is sending out consultations to all the harrow residents concerning the LTNs.


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