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Greenhill Manor Residents' Association, Harrow

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We will be updating LTN news as and when we receive them. So check this site very often.

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LTN 03 Removed - 11/5/2021

Francis Road LTN removed. Photo by Sat (Our Road Representative).

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LTN Update 29/4/2021

Our Harrow Council in their meeting on 29/4/2019 decided to remove the cycle lanes and the 3 LTNs. 

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LTN Update 22/4/2021

A summary regards the meeting of the TARSAP Harrow Council sub-committee
held at 6.30pm on Thursday, April 22nd 2021

Here the Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel held its final consultation meeting, having invited the public and councillors to contribute questions and comments on the LTN (Francis Rd) and Cycle Paths (Station Rd)initiative.

The chairperson, Councillor Jerry Miles, acknowledged that the initiative designed to reduce and calm traffic, reduce pollution and encourage walking and cycling , had been overwhelmingly rejected by Harrow residents on the following grounds:
1. There was no prior consultation.
2. It ignored the opposition shown on line.
3. The barrier in Francis Rd merely moved the problem of traffic. elsewhere, rather than helping overall.
4.The emergency services ie ambulance, fire and police, opposed the scheme.
5. Contrary to expectations, the cycle lanes in Station Rd were largely unused but they contributed to rush hour traffic build up.

The council admitted they should have listened to and consulted local residents most affected before going ahead with the scheme as they had better local knowledge. Furthermore, it was admitted that the scheme, which was financed by central government, did not cover the cost of dismemberment (removal of road signs and markings), leaving Harrow tax payers with a bill of approximately £75,000. Opposition councillors thought that the rush was motivated by the desire to acquire the grant. However, there was the assurance that planters used in the roads were most likely to find alternative homes in parks etc.

In conclusion, the council acknowledged that the scheme had been implemented in haste without prior consultation and that lessons had to be learnt from this embarrassing reversal. Harrow Council is the first borough to acknowledge that this traffic calming scheme and cycle paths did not have a positive outcome for local residents.

The final decisions on the LTN scheme and Cycle Paths will take place at the council meeting to be held on 29th April 2021.

Hemuna Pather-Carr
GMRA Committee

Deadline is 21st March 2021

Fill the Consultation Document online.  Please choose Francis Road.

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Once you have sent the consultation form, please send us your comments. Thank you.

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LTN Update 22/2/2021

Our Road representative Sat Bains has sent this update:
She just spoke to a policeman and policewoman who were stuck at the LTN barrier on the wrong side of Francis Road a few mins ago, they had to run on foot to get to an emergency situation down Francis Road. She has asked them to write an email to their seniors about how badly this is affecting them.

Police car Stuck

LTN Update 19/2/2021

Our Road representative Sylvia has sent this update:
Following a meeting last night with the SNT, councillor Ali was in attendance and he confirmed that from the 22nd February 2021 to the 5th March 2021 Harrow Council is sending out consultations to all the harrow residents concerning the LTNs.


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