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Greenhill Manor Residents' Association, Harrow

GMRA Meetings

There are six committee meetings a year, which usually only last from 7.30pm to 8.30 or so.
Meetings take place on Zoom from now on due to Covid-19.
Members’ subscriptions are collected once a year, after the (AGM) Annual General Meeting.

GMRA Committee Members

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Hemuna Pather-Carr Chairperson

Chairs all meetings

Contact: 41 Northwick Park Road
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Margaret Bristow Vice Chairperson

Assists Chairperson during and after meetings.

Contact: Margaret Bristow, 118 Crofts Road
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Helen Shorter Secretary

Secretary Keeps minutes of the meetings.

Contact: 55 Grange Road
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Eddie Griffiths Treasurer

Keeps track of finances.


Road Representatives

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Simon Dunkerley Road Representative

Bonnersfield Lane, Bonnersfield Close
& Croft Villas

Contact: 11 Manor Road
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Kinnar Patel Road Representative

Croft Road

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Muhub Anis Road Representative

Francis Road

Contact: to follow
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Helen Shorter Road Representative

Grange Road

Contact: 55 Grange Road
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Sat Bains Road Representative

Hill Road and Crescent

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Godfrey O’Callaghan Road Representative

Manor Road 

Contact: 14 Lowndes Court,
17 Manor Road
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Sylvia Farooqi Road Representative

Northwick Park Road

Contact: Northwick Park Road

Volunteer Needed!

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Position Vacant Planning Advisor

Interested? Read the Job Description

Job Description


A Planning Advisor is needed to check regularly the planning applications for our part of Greenhill on the Council’s website. The committee and road representatives should be advised of any plans affecting our members. Developments adjoining one of the roads in GMRA may affect the neighbouring properties. The Council should inform residents of applications close to them but may not always include, for example, houses backing on. When road reps are told of an application by the adviser, they should check with residents on their road if they have been notified by the council. The committee should be advised at their meetings of any applications.
There is an existing list of major developments which needs adding to, updating and improving, for example, by adding the application numbers. It includes any development which would affect our area, for example, if its future residents would use services in central Harrow, including shops.
People interested in volunteering for the role need to know the area and to be computer literate.

Contact to Apply: 
Contact to Apply: 


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Noor Mohamed Information Technology
Click on Icon to contact
71 Bonnersfield Lane

Newsletters Producer and Website Maintainer.

We welcome any articles you wish us to put on the website.
We also welcome any comments you have too.
Please kindly send via the contact link above.


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