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Greenhill Manor Residents' Association, Harrow

GMRA Constitution


The Association shall be open to membership by all Residents in the Greenhill Manor Area defined by the following: -
Bonnersfield Lane, Bonnersfield Close, Crofts Road, Crofts Villas, Francis Road, Grange Road, Hill Crescent, Hill Road, Manor Road and Northwick Park Road.


The Association shall endeavour to preserve the residential nature of the area, to seek improvements in the environment where desirable, and to oppose any planning applications or other activities which may, in its opinion, be harmful to the character and amenities of the Area.


The Association shall levy an annual subscription to cover working expenses, e.g. printing and postage etc. and the amount of such subscription shall be agreed at Annual General Meetings (AGM's).


A general meeting shall take place annually (AGM) for the purpose of electing a Working Committee, which will take effect not later than seven (7) days after the AGM. The AGM shall also approve the Treasurer's report, and conduct any other business that may have been submitted by any member for the Agenda. All persons attending the AGM shall sign the Register before proceedings commence.


The association shall be administered by a working Committee comprising Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and at least one representative from each road in the Area. The committee shall meet at least once every two months, the Chairman having power to call ad hoc meetings when necessary, with 24-hour notice being given of all meetings. A quorum shall consist of not less than five members and no vote or decision will be taken unless such quorum is present. The Committee is to draw up the Agenda for AGM's and arrange for any speakers and/or visitors to attend.


The payments of any expenses involved in the work of the Association shall require authorisation by the Treasurer and one other Committee member. Where any legal costs or other exceptional expenses may be involved, such expense will be made known to Association members before any such disbursement is made.


The Treasurer's Annual report shall be audited and signed by two (2) members of the Association who shall be independent of the Committee.


Information on the proceedings of the Association shall be conveyed to all members by means of a Newsletter to be distributed throughout the Area at not less than 6 monthly intervals. If any Association member becomes aware of any Planning application or other activity likely to prejudice the nature and amenity of the area, it should be reported without delay to the Committee representative of the road or roads affected.


No matters with any racial or political content shall be discussed at any of the association's meetings.


The constitution can be amended by the approval of two-thirds of the members present and voting.


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