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Greenhill Manor Residents' Association, Harrow

Greenhill Manor Residents Association (GMRA) is based in Harrow, London.

 Harrow  News

Francis Road Closure - LTN

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On 24th September 2020 Harrow Council closed Francis Road for vehicles to drive towards Elmgrove Road. A route which has been used by many to go shopping in Tesco by car, travel to Harrow and Wealdstone, Harrow Weald, Pinner, Rickmansworth, Oxhey, Watford etc, etc.

The Harrow Council cited the following reasons in their leaflet:
'causing environmental and safety problems for residents'.

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This above is the Latest Feed from 'harrow street spaces trials' website.Time has come to add our views to Harrow Council about Francis Road Closure,
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Good News: GMRA has a website and is online

Your local Residents Association is online. 
Year 2020 has been challenging year for GMRA as no personal meetings were held due to Covid-19. GMRA committee started using Zoom to discuss many subjects affecting our Neighbourhood:
Road Closures, Future of Newsletters, Creating a Website, Keeping Contact & Communication with Residents.
Should you wish to add any information to your website then please send the details via the 'Contact GMRA' under Who are GMRA?. You will find the link in the menu above and also below in the footer area under Information.

Northwick Park Surgery

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Northwick Park Surgery's extension has ended and is operational from the rear of the building.
Due to Covid-19, there is a one way system. Temperature of all patients are taken before entering. Face Covering is Mandatory!

Beware of Tax and TV Scams

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!! Be aware of phony emails perpetrating as Tax refunds !!
We in UK fill our tax returns and lodge them by end of January every year.
Inland Revenue (HMRC) and BBC will NEVER send Emails to any one regarding refunds, tax overdue or TV licences. Reminders will come by post. Please mark these emails as spam and delete them.

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Beware Fraudster selling Covid-19 Vaccines

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!! Be aware of phony emails Selling Covd-19 Vaccines !!
If you receive emails to buy Covid-19 Vaccines, please delete them. These are from fraudsters who will take your money and you will get nothing from them.

Click to Read More on Covid-19 Scam

Harrow News
Security of Home, Technology and Vehicles

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