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Greenhill Manor Residents' Association, Harrow

Francis Road Comments on Consultation of 25th Feb 2021

We want opinions from you regarding harrow space alternative to closure of LTNs. are you in favour of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

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 LTN-03 Comment No: 1

We have learnt that these schemes were declared illegal by the High Court. This leaflet, to consult about LTN, is a way round it.
The opportunity for removing the LTN restrictions and replacing it with an alternative is part welcome;  the alternative is very deceptive.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras (ANPR) are not for the the residents' convenience in this case.
Today they say it will be free to use once registered with them.
How long will stay free? What about in the future?
ANPRs have also failed many times. It would generate a fine even when we have free use. When this happens then we will have to waste our time chasing Harrow Council for correcting their mistakes. It has been and is difficult to get through by phone.
ANPR - When it goes wrong and we are fined, it becomes very time consuming, stressful and difficult to claim back the fine. 

Solution to this is for Harrow Council to :
1. Install speed cameras 
2. Install Traffic calming measures on all surrounding roads.
3. Make all the adjoining roads 20 m.p.h
These THREE solutions would solve all the problems.

After filling the consultation form, I got a message: One Digital-Error-40640!
What does it mean! Rejected! How many have got this problem?

Bonnersfield Lane
 LTN-03 Comment No: 2

1. Going to Tesco in Harrow or going towards Wealdstone is difficult, takes longer and unsafe to get into Station Road with oncoming traffic from both sides.
2. If the ANPR is introduced what happens when our guests visit us from outside, they will be automatically fined!
3. With ANPR what guarantee is there that we will not be charged in the future?
4. What if we hire a car for a period as it will have a different registration number?
5. My advice: Use speed cameras, calmers and 20MPH Limit.

After filling the consultation form, I have got a message: 
One Digital Error - 51382! Has the consultation been rejected.

Bonnersfield Lane


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