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Greenhill Manor Residents' Association, Harrow

GMRA acronym stands for Greenhill Manor Residents Association.
We are based in Harrow, Greater London, United Kingdom.


Greenhill Manor Residents Association (GMRA) was formed in 1989 to preserve the residential nature of the area in Harrow.

We publish newsletters 3 times annually and delivered to active members.

We have Annual General Meeting (AGM) where all residents are invited to give their views.

Before AGM meeting, we deliver newsletter including AGM information, to all the households.


As and when we come accross any News about our GMRA area, we will put it under News menu. 
We kindly request residents to be on the lookout for any news, fly tipping, etc tyo tasend it to us including any pictures or videos.

Security Information

Security news for your home and IT equipment.
How to secure your Home - you will find good tips.
Internet & IT security tips on prevention of virus, phising etc on your  Computers and Mobiles via emails and Texts.
Even Covid-19 scams are included.

Once again we appeal to our Residents to send us any tips they have that would help others in being vigilent.


Current News

On 11th May 2021 the boulders were removed. We thank Sat (Our Road Representative) for the photos.
The Boulders have been left on the side of the road!

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Planning Advisor Position Vacant

We require a Planning Advisor. 

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Job Description


A Planning Advisor is needed to check regularly the planning applications for our part of Greenhill on the Council’s website. The committee and road representatives should be advised of any plans affecting our members. Developments adjoining one of the roads in GMRA may affect the neighbouring properties. The Council should inform residents of applications close to them but may not always include, for example, houses backing on. When road reps are told of an application by the adviser, they should check with residents on their road if they have been notified by the council. The committee should be advised at their meetings of any applications.
There is an existing list of major developments which needs adding to, updating and improving, for example, by adding the application numbers. It includes any development which would affect our area, for example, if its future residents would use services in central Harrow, including shops.
People interested in volunteering for the role need to know the area and to be computer literate.

Contact to Apply: 
Contact to Apply: 

'Not Secure' 

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Explanation for sites 'Not Secure' on Some websites.
GMRA site is an information platform for the residents hence it has 'not secure' sign next to it. This is misleading because many sites are supplying you information only. GMRA does not ask for your payment or login details. When you find that a website is asking for payments then it would have a pay button which takes you to a secured page which has a Lock symbol (see above).
Look for the following:
1. The page where you are on, has it got a lock?
2. Sites like PayPal and Credit Cards have a lock and are safe to use when you are paying.
3. Many websites start with https://  are secured too. But be cautious because the bad guys have started using the security certificates too. 

Click to know more about 'Not Secure'

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