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Greenhill Manor Residents' Association, Harrow

GMRA acronym stands for Greenhill Manor Residents Association.
We are based in Harrow, Greater London, United Kingdom.

Information Bulletin

Current News

Since 2012, resurfacing of many pavements has remained incomplete in Greenhill Manor Area, Harrow. 
Roads with pavements not resurfaced
Bonnersfield Lane from number 54,
Bonnersfield Close,
Croft Villas, 
Grange Road,
Hill Crescent
Hill Road

Map - Roads not resurfaced Since 2012
Map of Greenhill Manor Roads
Click to see all the road images not resurfaced


Greenhill Manor Residents Association (GMRA) was formed in 1989 to preserve the residential nature of the area in Harrow.

We publish newsletters 3 times annually and delivered to active members.

We have Annual General Meeting (AGM) where all residents are invited to give their views.

Before AGM meeting, we deliver newsletter including AGM information, to all the households.

Security Information

Security news for your home and IT equipment.
How to secure your Home - you will find good tips.
Internet & IT security tips on prevention of virus, phising etc on your  Computers and Mobiles via emails and Texts.
Even Covid-19 scams are included.

Once again we appeal to our Residents to send us any tips they have that would help others in being vigilent.
Please use the Contact Link below.

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Difference between 'Not Secured' and 'Secured' websites
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Not Secure - A triangle with an exclamation mark 
Secured site - A Lock next to it

 'Not Secure' Websites

GMRA site is an information platform for the residents hence it has 'not secure' sign next to it. 'Not Secure' sign means you can read all the  information without harm to you. GMRA does not ask for your bank, credit card or login details. You can read all you want.
If you are asked on a site that is unsecure, to input any bank, credit card and date of birth details then do not.
Many unsecured sites do sell. 
Here you will find that a website is asking for payments then it would have a pay button, clicking on it would then take you to a secured page which has a Lock symbol (see above). 

 Websites with 'Secure Lock'

Look for the following before inputting any details:
1. The page where you are on, has it got a lock?
2. Sites like PayPal, Credit Cards, banks and many shops have a lock and are safe to use when you are paying.
3. Many websites start with https://  are secured too.
The lock means the sites are using Security certificated.
But be cautious and vigilant too because the bad people have started using the security certificates too. 

Click to know more about 'Not Secure'


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