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Greenhill Manor Residents' Association, Harrow

GMRA acronym stands for Greenhill Manor Residents Association.
We are based in Harrow, Greater London, United Kingdom.

GMRA Annual Meeting 2024

******  16/5/2024: The GMRA meeting went well, an update will follow.  ******

To all residents of the neighbourhood

Your local Residents’ Association is a way for us to have a voice with the council and the police about anything that is bothering all of us and to develop a feeling of belonging and taking pride in the neighbourhood. There is a representative for each road, the newsletter comes out 3 times a year and both are ways to have your say and find out what is going on in locally. The membership subscription is minimal and pays for the newsletters [this one is free], the website and hire of the hall for the Annual General Meeting, which is an opportunity to meet your neighbours. There is a litter picking group aiming to take a pride in our area [Volunteers welcome].

Annual General Meeting

It is on Wednesday 15th May 2024 at Victoria Hall, Sheepcote Road, Harrow at 8pm.
Louise Baxter, Manager of the Business Improvement District, will be talking about running the town centre. Her work involves, together with the police and the council, dealing with town centre crime and anti-social behaviour, including moving on persistent beggars and deterring shoplifters. She organises events such as reindeer visiting before Christmas and street markets. Her overall aim is to make the area feel safer for businesses and more welcoming for the public.

Fireworks Law, Code and Regulations

Guy Fawk's Day and Diwali Celebrations are not Far.

A lot of Noise pollution takes place at this time. 
Please be mindful of not to cause disturbance to neighbours and animals too. 
Please read this link and then download the Pollution leaflet.

Download Noise Pollution leaflet

New GMRA Constitution

Greenhill Manor Residents Association (GMRA)
AGM which took place on Wednesday 26th April 2023 was  a success.

Major point was the New GMRA Constitution.
This was approved by the residents.

Download the New Constitution


Greenhill Manor Residents Association (GMRA) was formed in 1989 to preserve the residential nature of the area in Harrow.

We publish newsletters 3 times annually and delivered to active members.

We have Annual General Meeting (AGM) where all residents are invited to give their views.

Before AGM meeting, we deliver newsletter including AGM information, to all the households.

Information Bulletin

Current News

Three of the GMRA litter pickers helping to keep the streets clear of litter, bottles and cans

Litter picking team GMRA
L to R: Godfrey OCallaghan, Hemuna Pather and Eddie Griffiths We have other volunteers whose help in keeping our area clean is much appreciated.
We kindly request Residents to help and encourage them. 
Are you interested in clearing up our area?
Call our ROAD REP: Godfrey OCallaghan
Phone: 07712341677

You have most likely seen bottles, cans, food wrapping, plastics, masks, gloves and other items discarded on our streets in Greenhill Manor.

Join me in helping to keep our streets free of such debris.
It doesn't take much time - less than an hour a week - and could even be done on your daily walk.
Greenhill Manor consists of Northwick Park Road, Bonnersfield Lane, Manor Road, Francis Road, Crofts Road, Grange Road, Hill Road and Crescent & Richards Close.
I have bags, pickers, yellow vest and gloves.
Please ring me on 07712341677

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Since 2012, resurfacing of many pavements has remained incomplete in Greenhill Manor Area, Harrow. 
Roads with pavements not resurfaced
Bonnersfield Lane from number 54,
Bonnersfield Close,
Croft Villas, 
Grange Road,
Hill Crescent
Hill Road

Pavements not Surfaced in Greenhill Manor

Map - Roads not resurfaced Since 2012
Map of Greenhill Manor Roads
Click to see all the road images not resurfaced

Tips & Other Information

Resources Information

In newsletters a lot of information and links are shown. All these you will now find under menu item 'Services' titled 'Resources'.

Security Information

Security news for your home and IT equipment.
How to secure your Home - you will find good tips.
Internet & IT security tips on prevention of virus, phising etc on your  Computers and Mobiles via emails and Texts.
Even Covid-19 scams are included.

Once again we appeal to our Residents to send us any tips they have that would help others in being vigilent.
Please use the Contact Link below.

Click to use our contact form

Tip No. 1

Difference between 'Not Secured' and 'Secured' websites
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Not Secure - A triangle with an exclamation mark 

 'Not Secure' Websites

GMRA site is an information platform for the residents hence it has 'not secure' sign next to it. 'Not Secure' sign means you can safely read all the  information without being at risk. 
GMRA does not ask for your bank, credit card or login details.
You can browse this site safely.
Note: Many unsecured sites do sell their products. 
Here when asking for payments it would have a pay button, clicking on it would then take you to a secured page which has a Lock symbol (see below). 

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If you are asked to input any bank, credit card and date of birth details on a site that is unsecure, then stop immediately.

 Websites with 'Secure Lock'
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 Secured site - A Lock next to it

Look for the following before inputting any details:
1. The page where you are on, has it got a lock?
2. Sites like PayPal, Credit Cards, banks and many shops have a lock and are safe to use when you are paying.
3. Many websites start with https://  are secured too.
The lock means the sites are using Security certificates.
But be cautious and vigilant, because the bad people have started using the security certificates too. 
Install good security package on your devices.
You can purchase security packages that cover 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 Devices.

Click to know more about 'Not Secure'

Tip No. 2

Regularly clear the cache and cookies in your browsers.
Whenever you use any browser, it accumulates web pages and cookies.
To clear them, type 'clearing cache & cookies' in your browser and follow instructions.
Clear browsing, cookies, cache and occasionally passwords history.