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Greenhill Manor Residents' Association, Harrow

Francis Road Closure - Survey by GMRA with Comments in Jan 2021

On 11th January 2021, Harrow Labour Councillors decided to have another meeting in March 2021 to discuss the matter further.
We thank our residents for filling in and sending the LTN Forms. We urge those residents who have not yet filled the form to please do online.
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Keep Francis Road:-
    Open: 70 votes  Closed: 18 votes

79.5% want Francis Road Open
The survey reflects Harrow Space's Graph on its website. 

Read the views of both camps

Survey of Francis Road Closure and Comments
Names and addresses withheld.

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Open LTN-03 Francis Road Now!

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 1

A. Closure of many roads under the Banner LTN was undemocratic by the Labour run Council in Harrow. In March 2020 lockdown came into effect hence the peoples’ attention was on Covid-19. The Harrow Labour Councillors’ took real advantage of the Covid-19 situation here.
B. All elected Councillors should not forget that they are servants of the public NOT masters. But Labour Councillors are acting like Masters and not listening to the voice of the public.
C. On the Harrow’s Space website they have the charts where over 80% of electors have objected to the closures of the roads. By not following the majorities request, the Labour Councillors are misusing their powers and acting as dictators. They are destroying our Democracy.
D. The Harrow Council cited the following reasons in their leaflet: 'causing environmental and safety problems for residents'. This is a very lame excuse because: Every Road in U.K. including the Station Road in Harrow causes environmental and safety problems for residents.
E. Look at it this way, if Station Road creates a lot of pollution and the wind blows the pollution towards Francis Road then how will the Labour Councillors stop it falling on Francis Road and the surrounding areas. Any idea!
F. All this points towards ill thought out schemes by our politicians.
G. The Closure of Francis Road has had an opposite effect. It has increased pollution of the environment and risk to life has increased as well ( safety has been compromised).
H. E.g. All motorists going towards Wealdstone, go via the Slip Road near Gold’s Gym, then turn right near Halfords. They have to cross the road and merge into the traffic. Here is the danger. If no one allows you in, you are a target of the car coming towards you from the left. For Harrow Labour Councillors to wake up from their slumber, only one fatal accident is required.
I. There has been Loss of lots of time and fuel when idling in the traffic jams due to this ill thought out LTN.
J. Our future is converting to Electric and Hybrid Cars which burn negligent fuel. Why have these not taken into account?
K. You want people to Walk and/or Cycle. Good idea. But What about in winter when it snows and Rains? Roads are slippery? Where is pedestrians and cyclists safety?
L. The pavements on some roads are accident prone and have been neglected by the council for many years. Pot holes on the roads have not been repaired either? All the money should have been spent in maintenance of pavements & roads, and not creating more inconvenience to motorists.
M. Due to Covid-19 the impact of this LTN has not fully manifested. When it does there will be a public outcry. So please act wisely and remove the bollards and open the roads. Instead put the calming humps on the road. 15mph with speed cameras too.
N. The quiet roads have increased daytime crimes too. Residents safety has been compromised by less police presence.
O. Cars driving via these roads deter crimes like mugging and theft too.
P. Finally the closing of the Roads have increased pollution and safety problems manyfold.

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 2

1. I Strongly Disagree that the road has been closed off and request Francis Road be Opened up Immediately.

2. The reasons I give are:
a) Disenfranchisement of Francis Road, Crofts Road, Manor Road and other adjoining roads being able to access Elmgrove Road, Station Road and vice versa.
b) Cannot turn right onto Station Road in a safe manner and Harrow Council have not provided any suitable alternatives. In fact more congestion has arisen because of cars having to drive past roads that are not suitable or fit for purpose.
c) As at 10th January 2021 some 85% of residents want the scheme to be removed as taken from the Harrow Streets Spaces Trial. Harrow Council should note what is being said by it’s own residents as this was what they said they would do.

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 3

A. I disagree with closure.
B. No thought has been given to residents who now face 5 sets of traffic lights instead of 1 when going towards Tesco's, North Harrow, or Harrow Weald etc, thus causing more air pollution and taking twice as long.
Also, access by emergency services such as Fire and Ambulance is of serious concern vital time could be lost by the Blockage.
Surely humps in the road would be a better idea, and would cut down the speed at the same time, less maintenance as well.

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 4

A. I am not in agreement with the closure
B. It is inconvenient and making it difficult to get to station road

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 5

A. Disagree
B. Restricts access for getting to Wealdstone/Harrow Weald too much for local residents and brings traffic onto main road to add to volume and delays.
I think it splits up the local residential area too much. May cause issues for emergency services getting to homes quickly as now need to join main traffic routes for access. People have already set fireworks off in the train bridge part of Francis road as though it is their own personal drive!! Don't wish to create a pedestrian like area as it will attract even more rubbish at Manor Road end and outdoor drinking when lockdowns are relaxed in better weather. Allow traffic to pass through area but maybe keep the 20mph near the school access points if you have to.

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 6

A. Disagree
B. I cannot see the benefit at all. My biggest issue was that people speed past Crofts Road. This has increased as people not familiar with the closure get to Francis Road, realise its blocked and then turn around and speed back to make up time. It is also a massive inconvenience for the residents. For example, if I want to drive to my Dr surgery or Harrow Tesco, I can no longer use Francis Road. This means my option is to get on Bonnersfield Lane to get onto Station Road. However at this junction there is no right turn to get on Station Road. Therefore your only option is to drive through the parade by golds gym and then turn around. This clearly cannot be the only alternative to go in that direction of Harrow. This has also lead to increases traffic between golds gym to halfords where people are trying to just turn around to head towards the Harrow weald direction.

I would rather see Francis Road open but with some speed bumps put in place on Manor Road, Crofts Road and Grange Road as all these roads are used by people to cut through from Kenton.

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 7

A. I disagree with the closure
B. It is very inconvenient for me as even going to Tesco has become so difficult. You are unable to take a right at Golds Gym to go the other way therefore it has become rather problematic.

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 8

I do not agree with the Francis Road Closure. The closure is wasting time, making shopping trips to TESCO longer. Using more fuel to drive around and join the main road which is now heavily congested with the new speed limit and less road lanes for vehicles. What was a short journey to my local shop is now much longer. This is causing more pollution in the long run as more fuel not less is now used.

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 9

I strongly disagree with the closure of Francis road.
It has caused great disruption for me going to work and coming back from work and going out in general with my car. Due to the road closures on Francis Road LTN-03 Greenhill, I am now forced, and many others in my neighbourhood, to drive around all my back streets just to get to the main road, (Sheepcote Road) next to Gold's Gym. No right turn is allowed onto Station road! to go towards Tesco's, to the chemist, or to do food shopping, and my route to go to work which is through Hindes road.
I'm now forced to turn left up Sheepcote Road, which is a very busy road, stuck in traffic, going all the way up to Northwick Park roundabout going all the way around just to come back down a heavy traffic Sheepcote Road which has now unfortunately become a one lane road which has caused much more congestion and much more pollution because of a bicycle Lane that is being built, making it a one lane road instead of what it was a two lane road. It is a very big waste of taxpayers money and the money given by the government to Harrow Council to better the environment. The decision to build a bike Lane has created much more traffic down Sheepcote Road which is causing more pollution and stress! The government has said to lower the pollution not to make it more! The money should be used to build more charging stations for electric vehicles, that is the future! Not bicycles! Before the road closure on Francis Road I was able to turn left from my Road (Hill Crescent) down Francis Road down Elmgrove Road to the end at the lights and straight across into Hindes Road and straight to work from there. A 15-minute journey to work and 15mins back from work. Now I have to go all the way up Sheepcote Road to the roundabout turn around come back down Sheepcote Road one of the busiest roads in central Harrow has now made my journey just over 30 minutes to work. This closure of Francis road is a very big mistake. Francis road needs to be opened as soon as possible!

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 10

A. I totally disagree with Francis Road Closure.
B. I use this road to drop my wife to work and shopping. With this road closure I have a long route to go burning more fuel and that’s pollution. I have to come in front of Gold Gym towards Halford to get out. I have to wait for both sides for traffic to clear for me to move out, so while waiting I am burning more fuel and polluting the environment.  No one allows you to move so at times I have to go all the way to the Northwick Park roundabout. A point to note with the Francis Road Closure traffic is now entering by Gold Gym to go towards Kenton and the motorist are now clogging this road the 20 mph is just a sign. It makes motorist coming out from Grange, Crofts, Francis and Manor road a hazardous spot near the Northwick Park Surgery as it is partially a blind spots as motorist coming from behind Gold gym do drive fast and you cannot move out safely. With traffic increased it is not safe for the elderly to cross the road to go to the Northwick Park surgery.

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 11

A. We disagree with the closure
B. The closure means that if we want to go towards Wealdstone, we have to use the service road in front of Golds Gym and then turn right across the traffic. This presents a number of problems, namely that the service road is often blocked by parked cars and the right turn on to Sheepcote Rd can be difficult as you are require to cross two lanes of traffic. The alternative to using the service road is to go up to the Northwick Park roundabout which is always very busy and dangerous due to speeding vehicles.
The solution to the problem would be to allow vehicles to turn right at the end of Bonnersfield Lane, possibly by moving the traffic lights to the other side of the junction.
We also believe there are better ways of calming the traffic on Francis Rd by adding speed humps and width restrictions which only allow one car to pass at any one time in addition to the speed limit.

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 12

We strongly disagree with the closure of Francis Road
As a resident of Northwick Park Road I would like to stress our concerns regarding the new road restrictions and cycle lanes which have adversely effected the environment we live in.
My first question is when was the consultation of this held? As a resident who is impacted by these changes the first notification was a leaflet outlining the changes and an implementation date? If this correct that no consultation period was held?
The introduction of cycle lanes and closure of Francis Road has increased the traffic away from main roads and onto residential streets. Pollution in our house has increased and noise from traffic has increased. Northwick Park Road is being used as a cut through, traffic is not obeying the new 20mph restrictions. We have observed numerous near misses with cars speeding and over taking on the road. Buses park on the road for a residential house are at risk, we have observed traffic speeding past these vehicles when they are loading their vulnerable clients. The cycle lanes are empty, there is no cycle hire facility in the Harrow area and all the tube stations can be reached easily on foot or by travelling on the mass of buses provided which have to cross the cycle lanes to allow passengers to board.
Motorised scooters are being used on pavements within the borough which is causing a real risk to pedestrians, this should surely be more of a priority than implementing changes that serve a very small minority.
Traffic congestion has increased and this is with ‘work at home’ being encourage so I am fearful of how this will be when restrictions are lifted.
For residents to travel in the direction of Wealdstone we now have to drive up to Northwick Park roundabout (which was already contested) to drive back down towards Wealdstone. The only alternative is to use the Kenton Road, this road has a pedestrian crossing which is not observed by motorised, you then have to drive for longer along residential streets to reach the Wealdstone area. How is this helping pollution? Why when the council is worried about decreasing traffic congestion have they given planning permission for more flats to be built in the Francis Road area which already services a small industrial park.
How can this trial be monitored when the roads are not being used to capacity, it is already unacceptable but will become intolerable when travel/work restrictions (relating to COVID) are lifted.

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 13

Strongly disagree with closure. I have not noticed increased traffic before. It is inconvenient for me as I use that route regularly. There is no right turn near Golds Gym which means I have to turn further down. I have had 2 dangerous incidents trying to turn there due to oncoming traffic! This closure makes no sense to me and is causing unnecessary stress. I have a disabled child who needs extra time and this has added to the timing of journeys.

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 14

A - I disagree with the closure.
B - The traffic was never that bad in the first place. The closure has now created even more traffic problems. The only way you can now get to the tesco side of station road, is by turning round on sheepcote road in front of Halfords. However, that is now a very congested area with the road having been recently narrowed.

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 15

I strongly disagree with the closure of Francis Road. I look after my elderly mum and disabled daughter and i find the closure inconvenient as i need to use that road on a regular basis. There is no right turn near Gold Gym, which means I have to turn further and it is very difficult for me to turn the car. One time i was stuck in the middle of oncoming traffic as the lights changed. Another time a car almost collided with mine! I do not feel there is much traffic across Francis Road at all. Does not make sense and causing unnecessary stress.

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 16

I DO NOT agree with the closure on Francis road because it makes it harder to get to wealdstone. We already have the train tracks impinging on any easy routes, we don't need another one.
I do think we maintain and enforce even more the 20mph limit adding speed bumps and cameras to earn money on the back of speeding hooligans.
Air quality needs to be upheld so would also like the council to add hefty tariffs to fuel powered vehicles. This will also earn money and help clean the air and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 17

a. I disagree with the closure and wish it 'undone'.
b. 1) Poorly planned with little or no consideration of residents' needs and the impact on surrounding roads.
2) Prior to the closure heavy traffic was well controlled by the width restrictions.
3) Despite what the council might say, emergency vehicle access has been affected

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 18

Thank you for the hard work you and the committee have been carrying out.
I disagree with the closure of Francis Road.
The reason for this is it becomes extremely difficult and time consuming for me and the family to get to Harrow Wealdstone or Stanmore areas during the traffic time especially after the introduction of bicycle lanes on Sheepcote Road A409 which to my opinion is a waste of tax payers money as the only time I have seen them being used are on the weekends by leisure riders. I do understand that motorist have been speeding through Manor Road and onto Francis Road, but this is due to congestion on Sheepcote Road due to the bicycle Lane .To avoid the motorists speeding I suggest bumps being introduced and the speed limit of 20 mph remain rather than the closure.

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 19

A. Closure of Francis Road: I strongly disagree with closure of Francis Road and I request Harrow council to re-open it on immediate basis
B. Reason: Following are key reasons for my choice:
1. With closure of Francis road; we need to take a U turn near Harrow Town center if we need to go to important places in Harrow such as - a) Tasco b) Norbury School c) Morrison d) Eateries Watford e) places in Harrow Wealdstone by our own vehicle. This U turn has created a lot of issues in terms of traffic and it is really dangerous to cross main road in day to day routine
2. If we choose to follow a roundabout near Harrow High School to go to Harrow Wealdstone or Watford then we encounter 1 mile extra distance and 2 traffic signals which is resulting in more consumption of patrol. This is creating a negative impact on the environment. Also, travel time has doubled up if we need to travel to Tesco for grocery purchase. We nearly would have missed our daughter's 11+ exam because of crazy traffic near Harrow town center because of the closure of Francis road.
3. Thirdly, we observed that the traffic in our area has increased in the direction of Harrow town center and it is creating more issues near Harrow town center. All this is having a negative impact on our children's wellbeing and health.
4. As a taxpayer; I have equal rights to have smooth travel to drop my kids to school or purchase groceries or go to places like Watford etc

Open LTN-03 Comment No: 20

We completely disagree with Francis road closure; this got increased cars in Northwich park road and causing dangerous driving in the morning as the people speed in the road to skip the station road.
Also, when we drop our children to the school (studying in Northwood) we are not able to join the Wealdstone side without any interruption we have to join the junction in front of Halfords or at Kenton roundabout (due to cycle lane conversion along with Francis road closure) it makes the driving hell in the morning. At least they should have considered the residents before putting such scheme in and/or given controlled access to residents making it a private road.
Hopefully, we can remove the closures or give controlled access to Greenhill residents.

Keep LTN-03 Francis Road Closed!

Keep LTN-03 Closed Comment No: 1

I agree with the closure
Pleasanter and quieter walking around the area.
Long term health benefits from better air quality.
Safer for children walking to and from school.

Keep LTN-03 Closed Comment No: 2

A. I totally agree and support the closure
B. The quality of all aspects of the environment is greatly improved

Keep LTN-03 Closed Comment No: 3

A - I agree with the closure
B - It has reduced a lot of traffic in the immediate area

Keep LTN-03 Closed Comment No: 4

It's been great, these past few weeks, not having huge numbers of vehicles rat-running along Manor Road. We don't need them! People who want Francis Road should say how they would keep the rat-runners away. The only vehicles should be those starting or ending their journey here, or making deliveries here.
The GMRA is supposed to present the Views of residents, but the GMRA website on the Francis Road closure gives one view only. There's no mention of the benefits of removing rat-run traffic from residential roads: Less noise, Less Pollution and less danger to pedestrians crossing the road.

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